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The Next Generation

“One generation plants a tree; the next generation enjoys its shade.” – Chinese proverb

How well the generations after ours will do depends on us. Let us put aside our generational differences and be part of the village that raises happy and healthy, confident and capable children and youths, who will grow to become adults shaping our world someday.

After all, we used to be just like them – Children and teenagers needing the right people in our lives to understand, support, and guide us so we can reach our full potential. If you benefited from having such people in your life, pass it on by being that person for someone else.

The Next Generation campaign raises funds for Lakeside’s children and youth causes from 1 April 2024 to 31 December 2024. We hope to bring together all generations to care for our youngest and inspire healing and mutual empathy between generations.


The GRIT Project

TGP (800 x 403 px)

In 2023, we served 258 children & 410 youths

The GRIT Project (TGP) nurtures a caring generation to serve the community. It addresses the needs of children and youths aged 7 to 17, including those from disadvantaged families.

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Reading Intervention Services

RIS (800 x 403 px)

In 2023, we taught 173 children to read

Reading Intervention Services (RIS) serves children aged 4 to 8, including those from low-income families. We help them learn to read at an age-appropriate level and cultivate good reading habits.

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Lakeside Student Care

LSC (800 x 403 px)

In 2023, we provided quality care for 215 children

Lakeside Student Care (Jurong East and Jurong West) provides after-school care, meals, and homework help for children aged 7 to 12, including those from disadvantaged families.

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You can create your own unique fundraising campaign with a personalised message or story. You may want to talk about why you are raising funds for this cause, and perhaps someone who has inspired you!

Visit the The Next Generation’s page, click on “Fundraise for this”, and invite your contacts to donate to your campaign!


Donate $80 to fund 1 month’s school holiday outings and activities for a child from a low-income family

Donate $200 to fund 2 months’ youth activities and sports for engagement with an at-risk youth

Donate $500 to fund 2 months’ mentoring and guidance for a troubled youth to develop confidence, character and self-esteem

Donate $1000 to fund 1 month’s individualised reading intervention services for 5 children from low-income families with learning difficulties

Donate $5000 to provide 2 month’s subsidised student care services for 10 disadvantaged children

If you prefer to give via cheque, cross your cheque to payee “Lakeside Family Services” and please indicate on the form or back of the cheque:

  • Name of individual or corporate donor
  • NRIC/FIN/UEN for tax deduction
  • Contact number and email address
  • “The Next Generation”


Please send the cheque to:​

  • Lakeside Family Services, 21 Yung Ho Road, #03-01, The Agape, Singapore 618593
  • Attention to: Finance Department

Make the donation to Lakeside’s PayNow Account UEN: S97SS0022B or scan the QR code below using your PayNow app

In the Reference Remarks field, please indicate “The Next Generation”.

If you need tax deduction, send an email to with the following information:
✓ Name
✓ NRIC / FIN / UEN if you like to receive tax deduction
✓ Contact number

Bank Name: United Overseas Bank Limited
Account Name: Lakeside Family Services
Bank Code: 7375
Branch Code: 035
Account No.: 995-340-587-0

In the Reference / Remarks field, please indicate
-“The Next Generation”
– If you need tax deduction, please send an email to with your full name and NRIC / FIN


Why invest in the next generation? Get to know how our children and youths have overcome challenges big and small, and the champions who have steadily helped them realise their potential. With your support, we can continue providing them with opportunities for learning and growth, while addressing their families’ needs.