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Prison Support Services

Lakeside’s Taman Jurong Haven (TJH) provides services to the incarcerated, ex-inmates, and their families through in-care and aftercare programmes. We foster reconciliation, restoration, and reintegration by inspiring hope, reconnecting families, and journeying with them through challenging times.


Tele-visit is our teleconferencing service at Lakeside’s Taman Jurong office for families to connect with loved ones in prison. We provide a comfortable, cosy, and safe environment with support services for families.

Family Resource Centre

Our Family Resource Centre (FRC) at Changi Prison provides information and referral services for (ex-)inmates and their families. We support inmates through incarceration and provide immediate assistance for families struggling to cope with the absence of a breadwinner. We attend to requests for financial assistance, accommodation, family assistance, and after-care.

Release Preparation Programmme

Conducted over 20 sessions, our Release Preparation Programme (RPP) trainers impart life skills to the inmates and guide them in setting reintegration goals and creating action plans. The inmates then share their work with their families.

Case Management Service

For 14 months, Lakeside provides Case Management Service (CMS) for inmates under the Work Release Scheme, where they work in the day and return to the camp in the evening. With guidance from case managers, inmates overcome challenges by learning to manage their finances, adapt to routines, and cultivate self-discipline – essential skills for successful reintegration. We also support and counsel the families of inmates.