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Families For Life@Community (FFLC)

Families For Life@Community equips parents with necessary skills, evidence-based knowledge, and follow-on support to transform them as confident and competent parents resulting in improved parent-child relationships, positive family dynamics, and a conducive environment for raising successful responsible, confident, and competent children.


Triple P (Positive Parenting Programme) Individual Consultation Sessions

Triple P Level 3 offers individual consultation sessions for parents of children aged 7-16 years old, aimed at addressing one or two specific behaviour issues in children with mild to moderate behavioural challenges. Fully funded for by the Ministry of Social and Family Development, this parenting program offers tailored support to assist parents in effectively managing their children’s behaviour.


Duration: 3 to 4 individual parenting sessions (45-60 minutes per session)

Format: Zoom or Face to face

There is no fee. Sessions are confidential


Session 1: Assessment of presenting concern

Session 2: Developing a parenting plan

Session 3: Review of implementation

Session 4: Follow up


“Triple P provided much insights into our parenting styles and how we could adjust accordingly. The facilitator was skillful in the way she guided us. This enabled us to openly share our fears and challenges faced in our parenting journey. A BIG thank you for the enriching sessions.”

Mr and Mrs Lee Parents of a Primary 4 child

“My husband and I highly recommend parents who want to improve parent-child relationships or who are struggling with their teens/tweens to join the Triple P programme. We were not able to believe that in a mere 1 month, we were able to connect with our child better and address some of the concerns that we had for years.”

Parents of a Secondary 2 child


Children Don’t Come With An Instruction Manual


Triple P (Positive Parenting Programme) Seminars

Triple P Level 2 seminars offer an introductory exploration of positive parenting principles, delivering straightforward strategies to facilitate a smoother and more positive upbringing for children. With topics progressively tailored to suit varying child developmental stages, these seminars introduce the fundamental principles of positive parenting. Presented either in person or remotely via webinars, this program is fully funded by the Ministry of Social and Family Development, aiming to equip parents with effective tools for nurturing healthy parent-child relationships.


Duration: 2 or 3 sessions (4.5 hours in total)

Format: Zoom or Face to face

There is no fee for the group sessions. Sessions are confidential


For Primary Schools

Topic #01 – The Power of Positive Parenting
Topic #02 – Raising Confident Competent Children
Topic #03 – Raising Resilient Children

For Secondary Schools

Topic #01 – Raising Responsible Teenagers
Topic #02 – Raising Competent Teenagers
Topic #03 – Getting Teenagers Connected


“Very good programme. It helps us rethink what we have been doing and gets us ready for future expectations.”

Mother of a Primary 3 child

“The speaker gave many useful examples and shared in a way that is easy to relate and understand. Thank you for the helpful sessions!”

Father of a Secondary 1 child


Children Don’t Come With An Instruction Manual


Signposts For Building Better Behaviour
(For parents of primary school students)

Signposts for Building Better Behaviour is an evidence-based parenting programme that helps parents prevent, understand, and manage their children’s difficult behaviour and is also suitable for children with developmental delays. It emphasises on encouraging appropriate behaviour in children and teaching new skills through the development of a personalised programme that suits the unique needs of their child.


Duration: 5 group sessions (2 to 2.5 hours per session)
Format: Face to face only

There is no fee for the group sessions. Sessions are confidential


Session 1: Measuring your child’s behaviour
Session 2: Encouraging positive behaviours through daily interactions
Session 3: Replacing difficult behaviour with useful behaviour
Session 4: Planning for better behaviour
Session 5: Developing more skills in your child


“I have learned to manage my son’s challenging behaviour and learned to provide better support to him by Signposts program.

Prior to joining Signposts, scolding was my approach with my son. However now I’ve embraced praising his positive behaviours, which leading to increased motivation and his evident happiness. Thank you very much for the Signpost program and its staff.”

~ Mother of 2 sons 



Purposeful Play (For parents and children aged 0 to 6 Years)

Purposeful Play is a collaborative initiative between the Ministry of Social and Family Development and the Parenting Research Centre from Australia, aimed at assisting parents in fostering their child’s development through play and routine household activities. The program is designed to empower parents by enhancing their confidence in supporting their child’s growth and nurturing supportive relationships with other parents.

During the five sessions of the Purposeful Play group, participants are introduced to 10 evidence-based strategies. These strategies provide parents with the tools and knowledge to create a warm and stimulating home environment for their child, utilizing everyday activities to enhance language development, problem-solving skills, and overall school readiness.

Additionally, these sessions serve as an opportunity for parents to bond with their child and strengthen their relationship through meaningful interactions.

Sessions are conducted either face-to-face or via a hybrid model over Zoom, each lasting 1.5 hours, with no fee for participation in the group sessions.


Duration: 5 Sessions of 1.5hrs in person sessions with your child over 5 consecutive weeks.

Format: Face to face or hybrid over Zoom

There is no fee for the group sessions


Session 1: Warm and Gentle and Play
Session 2: Tuning In and Routines
Session 3: Following Your Child’s Lead and Shared Reading
Session 4: Listening and Talking More and Watching Screens Together
Session 5: Teachable Moments and Community Resources



Prepare/Enrich Marriage Enrichment Programme (P/E MEP) for married couples or couple getting married

The (P/E MEP) program is tailored for married couples or couples getting married who seek to enhance their relationship dynamics and cultivate confidence in their abilities through the guidance of a Certified Facilitator and the utilization of the P/E assessment inventory tool.

This comprehensive 12-hour group program is conducted in English and is complimentary for Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents, offering a supportive environment for participants to identify strengths and refine their relationship skills.

It caters to couples married for over two years or those preparing for marriage, where the groom must be 25 years or older and the bride 21 years or older.


Duration: 12-hour group work programme conducted in English

Format: Face to face only

There is no fee for Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident


Our Partner Schools

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Clementi Primary School

Fairfield Methodist School (Primary)

Fuhua Primary School

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Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School

Methodist Girls’ School (Primary)

Nan Hua Primary School

Nanyang Primary School

New Town Primary School

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Yuhua Primary School

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Commonwealth Secondary School

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Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary)

Hwa Chong Institution

Jurongville Secondary School

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Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary)

Nan Hua High School

Nanyang Girls’ High School

National Junior College

New Town Secondary School

NUS High School of Mathematics and Science

Queenstown Secondary School

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School of Science and Technology, Singapore

St. Margaret’s Secondary School

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