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Safe Place

Safe Place empowers women and families with unsupported pregnancies to make life-giving choices. We serve all mothers regardless of marital status, age, income level, race, and religion.

We help women accomplish the following:

⦁ Take personal responsibility & ownership of their lives and situations

⦁ Get relevant information & resources needed to make the best choices for themselves and their child

⦁ View parenthood & their future through the eyes of hope

Safe Place provides case management, counselling, pre- and post-natal equipping, referrals, community networks and help with temporary accommodation.

We also run the Baby Safe scheme, which provides eligible mothers with these baby essentials for a minimum of 1 year: Diapers, feeding necessities, clothes, breast bumps, baby carriers, strollers.

Our services include:

Temporary Residential Services

Casework and Counselling

Pre- and Post Natal Equipping

Mother and Baby Care

Specialised Therapy

Referral to Formal and Informal Help Sources

Referral to Adoption and Fostering Services

Outreach and Educational Programmes