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“In 2010, I was volunteering with children from vulnerable families grappling with financial worries and strained relationships. What inspired me was a deep desire to bring healing, reconciliation, and stability to their lives. Having grown up with family conflict myself, what helped me to heal was my faith and the support of my community. I knew I had to be part of the helping profession so others could experience healing as well.”


I was drawn towards Lakeside Family Services’ heartbeat of reaching out to the broken in our community, and it resonated with me on a profound level. Witnessing the dedicated staff serving here further fuelled my passion for this cause. I joined Lakeside’s Family Service Centre in 2021 and walked alongside clients facing challenges like family violence, relationship issues, and mental health concerns.

In 2022, we were appointed by the Ministry of Social and Family Development to run FAM@FSC (Lakeside Family Services – Jurong East), a hub where we provide counselling and support for those navigating family issues or going through divorce. Because I had already witnessed the power of reconciliation within my family, I could deeply appreciate my role in helping others who face similar challenges.

This journey has been incredibly rewarding and I’ve learned so much from these resilient families—how they handle multiple stressors amidst life’s challenges, and their genuine desire for forgiveness and reconciliation with their loved ones. Though it has been challenging at times, the mission of reaching out to the community keeps me going. I eagerly look forward to more families growing stronger and more individuals finding hope and healing!”


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