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“When life seems to stop and nothing interesting is happening, it’s nature’s way of signalling to us: What are we doing for others?”


Being out of the workforce for 10 years made me feel low at times. What purpose did my existence serve? I discovered volunteering, which taught me that we can find meaning on earth by serving others. My motivation to help children reach their full potential began when I left my career to raise my son. I realised that if I could help my child develop his capabilities, he would be better equipped to manoeuvre through life.

The chance to volunteer started when a close friend introduced me to Lakeside Family Services (Lakeside). She would share her students’ progress, which inspired me to get involved. Currently, I volunteer for We Can Read and Buddy Reading, helping kids improve their reading and writing skills, starting with phonics.

One of my students, who has mild dyslexia, could not recite the alphabet or phonetic sounds when I started my journey with him two years ago. Today, he reads books with confidence. His progress inspired me to continue my volunteering journey and impact as many lives as possible. It gives me immense pleasure to see our efforts bringing so much change in their lives and boosting their confidence, which will take them a long way.

I work primarily with kids because I believe in the importance of sowing the seeds of growth early. Providing the right environment from the beginning enables them to not only stand on their own, but also support those around them. When we nurture children with warmth and sensitivity, they pick up on these traits, which ultimately shapes the future of generations to come.”

Through Lakeside’s reading programmes, our passionate volunteer Meenakshi helps children blossom to their full capacity. You can support her as she teaches literacy to children, including those from low-income families. Donate or raise funds for our campaign #TheNextGeneration today:

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