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The GRIT Project

The GRIT Project (TGP) is a Children and Youth Centre at Jurong West (Nanyang). It nurtures a caring generation to serve the community and addresses the needs of disadvantaged children and youths aged 5 to 18. Our staff and volunteers instil GRIT values in young people – Grace, Respect, Integrity, and Tenacity – all of which lead to grit! 

TGP provides a safe space for self-discovery and empowerment for young people so they can grow to be confident, competent, connected, caring, and of good character. 

The GRIT Project’s Programmes:

Structured Mentoring
The GRIT Academy (TGA) is a 6 to 9 month mentoring programme where youths from 13- to 17-years old undergo a journey of self-discovery through experiential activities supported by mentors and friends.

Mentoring via Skills Transfer
Interest-based Programmes (Cheerleading, Dance) & Sports@TGP (Badminton, Futsal) engage children and youths from 11- to 14-years old. Amidst the vibes and exertion of these programmes, we weave in conversations about life and inculcate values.

Weekly Drop-ins
The GRIT Hub+ is a weekly drop-in programme for children 7- to 12-years old that grows academic interest, encourages discipline in study and play. We provide coaching and supervised playtime.

The GRIT Hub is a weekly drop-in for youths 13- to 17-years old to have fun, make friends, and be meaningfully engaged. We journey with youths who are facing difficulties.

A school holiday programme for children, aged 7 to 12, promoting socioemotional and cognitive development, positive self-identity, and good values. We engage children with experiential learning activities.

School Social Work
School Social Work sessions help youths improve interpersonal skills. We engage them with experiential learning activities.

If you or your child/ward are 18 years old and under, and would like to sign up for our programmes, send a completed registration form to

Schools may refer students who would benefit from our programmes or services. Send a completed school referral form to .

Schools may engage The GRIT Project’s services for school-based engagement or intervention programmes. Drop us an email at .