Children & Youth Services

Lakeside cares for children in the community, especially those from disadvantaged families. We nurture them with quality programmes and services that guide their social and emotional development.

Lakeside rehabilitates troubled youths and inspires them to develop their strengths and fulfil their aspirations. We work with schools, employment agencies, the police, and government ministries to provide holistic help.

Reading Intervention Services

Lakeside’s Reading Intervention Services serves children aged 4 to 8 from low-income families with reading programmes, storytelling, crafts, audio-visuals, songs, play, and phonics lessons.

We help them learn to read at an age-appropriate level, and cultivate good reading habits. Sessions are held with small groups and modified paces of instruction to meet individual needs and learning styles.

Our belief is in the distinctive “custom fit” approach of our reading programme, rather than “one size fits all”. By learning skills and strategies for reading, comprehension, and speaking, children develop their self-esteem and gain confidence, thereby translating to academic success at school.

We Can Read helps low-income 4- to 8-year-olds with learning difficulties learn to read and write at an age-appropriate level. Sessions are conducted on Zoom.

Buddy Reading provides mentoring and reading sessions with adult Buddy Readers for Lakeside Student Care children.

Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) provide effective one-to-one intervention by teaching reading skills and strategies to primary school children with or at risk of learning difficulties. IEPs are based on the children’s learning styles and help to close the learning gap for special cases.

ComPENionship enhances creative writing skills through thematic letter writing for Primary 1-3 children in our reading programmes.

Storytelling, dramatisation, and craft creates interest in reading for children from disadvantaged families.

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Lakeside Student Care

Lakeside Student Care (Jurong East and Jurong West) provides after-school care and supervision for children aged 7 to 12. Friendly staff provide meals, homework help, and enrichment programmes. The children are taught to be responsible and independent from an early age.

We partner with volunteering groups to bring the children a variety of experiences like outings, learning trips, workshops, sports, and celebrations. These partnerships provide meaningful and fun-filled learning opportunities for the children and volunteers alike.

The GRIT Project

The GRIT Project (TGP) is a Children and Youth Centre at Jurong West (Nanyang). It nurtures a caring generation to serve the community and addresses the needs of disadvantaged children and youths aged 5 to 18. Our staff and volunteers instil GRIT values in young people – Grace, Respect, Integrity, and Tenacity – all of which lead to grit!

TGP provides a safe space for self-discovery and empowerment for young people so they can grow to be confident, competent, connected, caring, and of good character.

Integrated Service Provider

Lakeside was appointed by the Ministry of Social and Family Development to run Integrated Service Provider (ISP) programmes. Through case management, counselling, and groupwork, youth offenders and youths-at-risk learn from their mistakes and gain awareness, knowledge, and life skills needed to avoid getting into similar risky situations in the future. Our programmes and services include:

Guidance Programme (GP) is a 6- to 12-month programme for youths who have committed minor offences or have low levels of involvement in offences. We help youths make the right choices to lead a crime-free lifestyle and recognise offenses as criminal acts.

We teach youths prosocial ways of solving problems and conflicts, assist them in being meaningfully engaged with school or work, and support them in forming healthy relationships.

Streetwise Programme (SWP) is a 6-month programme for youths who associate with gangs. We help youths dissociate from gangs and improve their family relationships.

We equip youths with life skills like emotional & conflict management, and awareness of their actions. We also equip parents with parenting skills.

⦁ As part of Triage, we assist police in investigations by conducting interviews with young offenders. Our goal is to divert young offenders from the criminal justice system.

We refer families with social or financial issues to community resources, and recommend appropriate intervention that addresses the needs of young offenders.

Enhanced Step-Up (ESU) is a 12-month programme for students at risk of dropping out and out-of-school youths. We help youths return to school or find employment.

We provide family intervention, career guidance, life skills training, and financial assistance referrals.

Post Care is our programme following up with youths who have completed ISP programmes. Our aim is to help them maintain the good progress they have made.

We provide emotional support and advice for youths, introduce them to community activities and career guidance, and provide referrals to other agencies for counselling and vocational programmes.