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Stories of Mission30

Yu Yuan 1

Yu Yuan

“Hi, I’m Yu Yuan. I joined Lakeside Student Care when I was 8 years old and graduated last year. I had a great experience. I don’t have a favourite teacher at Lakeside because it’s EVERYONE. They are all so kind🙏Also, I really enjoyed the programmes and activities, so thank you if you have been sponsoring these for us!”  

“Lakeside Student Care has helped me discover unique qualities not only in myself, but in the people around me. In fact, others have seen positive changes in me. I’m happy I got to form many friendships and learn new things every other day. One of the many things I learned is setting and realising goals for myself. Now, I am confident of setting realistic goals for my future.”  

Our Mission30 campaign raises funds for our Lakeside Student Care and other services giving children of all backgrounds a great start in life. Your support enables us to be a consistent and reliable presence in the lives of children like Yu Yuan.  

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