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Stories of Mission30

Tee Loon 1

Tee Loon

For his Mission30 challenge, our Executive Director Tee Loon is walking across Singapore in a single night – for the fourth year in a row! Now that’s intense.

So, what is Mission30, and why does it matter? Tee Loon answers these questions and more.  

Q: Why did you choose this challenge for Mission30? 

I’m walking 39km overnight from Lakeside Taman Jurong to Changi Chapel Museum because the long walk through the night, reaching the end at dawn symbolises walking from darkness to light. 

It represents our commitment to walking with prisoners and their families through the long road of rehabilitation and reintegration. 

Q: What is your strategy for this challenge? 

Train well. Endurance can be developed incrementally over time. Keep the end in mind. Focus on the end point. 

Lead well. Stay together as a group. Have a good team to support us. 

Q: What is the impact you hope to achieve through your challenge? 

Generate interest. Share about our work. Make new friends. Form new partnerships. Gain more support. Impact more lives. 

Q: What is it about Mission30’s cause that you believe in? 

Lakeside has served the community for the past 30 years to bring hope and healing to those in need. We support and care for those who are broken and lost. Mission30 celebrates the last 30 years serving the community and expresses our commitment to continue serving the next 30 years and beyond. 

Q: Why should others support you and Lakeside? 

We seek like-minded friends and partners to walk alongside us as we serve disadvantaged children and youths, marriages and families in crisis, the incarcerated, and the marginalised. We need to raise funds especially for the parts of our work that do not receive government grants, including our services for children, youths, seniors, and prisons’ after-care. 

You can join me by creating your own personal mission today and encourage your friends and family to support your efforts! Start your own fundraiser here: 

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