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Stories of Mission30



“In 2010, I was volunteering with children from vulnerable families grappling with financial worries and strained relationships. What inspired me was a deep desire to bring healing, reconciliation, and stability to their lives. Having grown up with family conflict myself, what helped me to heal was my faith and the support of my community. I knew I had to be part of the helping profession so others could experience healing as well.”


Growing up in a dual-income household, my parents found it difficult to find proper care for my sister and I after school. They had another baby on the way, so it was a very stressful time for everyone. We were first placed in another student care where the teachers were changing constantly, and I remember it being a rather cold experience.

When my parents chanced upon Lakeside Student Care, I enrolled as a Primary 4 student. I received tender, loving care from the teachers. The environment was largely communal and it still is today. Celebrations like Christmas and Children’s Day were all fond childhood memories. I grew from the outings and lessons at Lakeside, and I still hold close to my heart the values of leadership and authenticity I learned here.

Some of my core memories are the overnight camps organised by Lakeside. These camps allowed us kids to practise independence in a safe space. We played team games, served meals, learned housekeeping and cleaned up when the camp was over. Many of us slept away from home for the first time. These experiences shaped me as I formed a secure identity in my adolescent years.

Today, watching the children at Lakeside grow under my care has encouraged me to be more intentional with my actions and words. I’m thankful for the chance to serve families as a Senior Teacher and make a positive impact on the next generation, just as my teachers have done for me before!”

Support Priscilla as she inspires the young to give back to the community that nurtured them. Mission30 campaign raises funds for Lakeside Student Care and our other services giving children of all backgrounds a great start in life. From now until 31 Dec, you can make a donation @

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