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Nupur & Saanvi

“My daughter Saanvi is a student and keen artist. I’m a philanthropist and art museum guide. For the past 3 years, we’ve brought our love of art and volunteering to the seniors at Kaki Kampong Seniors Wellness (KKSW). It started during the pandemic. We were concerned that seniors were getting isolated, so Saanvi got into teaching them how to use smartphones. This evolved into teaching them arts & crafts. 


We feel proud of our work when we see the seniors taking the initiative to do research and come up with ideas. Often, they will then get our advice on how to apply the different art techniques they came across, and producing an art piece that is their own. 

It’s truly amazing and lovely to see their enthusiasm and how far they’ve come in their journey of making art. They get a sense of satisfaction from doing something meaningful because their art also contributes to KKSW’s funds. We think this combination of community spirit, design, art, technique and fundraising has come together beautifully.  

We learn a lot by spending time with the seniors. Saanvi can vouch that her Mandarin has improved substantially. I don’t speak Mandarin, but with sign language, eye contact and visual demonstration, I can get by when Saanvi takes the lead. She started out reading off scripts during her demos but it was difficult to answer certain questions and break down art concepts in Mandarin. The staff and seniors can see she is trying so they help her out. In a way, it builds a relationship. They all learn from each other!   

As a parent, it’s lovely to see how Saanvi has grown in her depth of understanding and connection to the seniors. Planning sessions, making samples, budgeting, sourcing materials, Saanvi is learning to do it all. As for me, I’ve learned that even in the older years, one can find so much joy from little things. It’s really nice to see the enthusiasm the seniors have to learn something new.”   

Like Nupur and Saanvi, you can make Kaki Kampong Seniors Wellness a vibrant community for seniors. Donate or fundraise with us:  

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