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Stories of Mission30

Nabisah (1)


“In 2016, I was penniless, emotionally broken by my marriage, and mentally struggling from the stress of starting all over again at 42. After living and working overseas, it was scary to be back in Singapore as a single mother of four.”


”I needed someone to listen and provide clarity, support and compassion. That someone turned out be Anna, my Social Worker at Lakeside. She saved my life. Our counselling sessions start like a friends’ chit-chat. Then, she asks what’s troubling me and expertly walks me through entire scenarios and guides me to solutions. She provides suggestions but ultimately, I am the decision-maker. This is crucial because I not only gain clarity but confidence and strength.

Anna helped me align my purpose in life to my own pace, time and energy so I do not feel stressed, depressed or overwhelmed. With my mind clear and heart free from self-doubt and self-sabotage, it was much easier to navigate life as a single mother and career-student. It took me nearly 3 years of healing to finally feel like a normal human being.

She believed in my capabilities and empowered me to become the person I was destined to be. I wasted no time upskilling my talents and expertise and got certified as a Trainer and Coach. We went from being homeless to owning a 3-room flat, with all my sons thriving at school or work. As a family, we are happy, healthy and safe. There is no more anxiety and depression. Nowadays, we laugh at our problems because it’s nothing compared to what we went through. I am unbreakable and my sons are unstoppable!

In a short period of 7 years, I am happy and at peace with the decisions I made. If you’re going through a tough time, be kind to yourself, especially during healing and transformation. Stay authentic. Life is a journey, so ride with the right people, energy and environment. And I’m glad I found that at Lakeside.”

Nabisah’s story shows us that no one should have to carry unimaginable burdens alone. #Mission30 raises funds for our work with vulnerable individuals and families. Support us by donating or starting your own fundraiser:

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