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Stories of Mission30



Unlike most children his age, 7-year-old Mishary entered primary school not knowing what sound each letter of the alphabet makes. When he first joined Lakeside Family Services (Lakeside)’s We Can Read programme, we worked on building up his familiarity with letter sounds. When he showed significant improvement, we started teaching him to blend short vowels. By the end of his first year with us, he was able to read simple books on his own.

Simply mastering the basics of literacy has opened many doors for Mishary. As he grew in confidence, he started speaking up and answering questions in class. He graduated from his school’s Learning Support Programme because he was reading on par with his classmates. With his newfound reading abilities, Mishary has been helping to read his mother’s text messages as well!

Mishary was able to catch up fast because We Can Read classes are kept small and tailored to the progress of individual children. We also give parents the tools to support their children’s learning. All children deserve opportunities to learn and access to quality education, even if they come from families with financial difficulties. Your support keeps programmes like We Can Read free or heavily subsidised.

Since Lakeside started 30 years ago, we have been on a mission to provide quality services focused on the needs of individuals and families. That is why we are running the #Mission30 campaign for our work serving children like Mishary, as well as youths, seniors, families, and the incarcerated. Between now and 31 December 2023, you can donate or raise funds with your own sporting challenge. Find out more:

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