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Stories of Mission30


Mdm Yang

Did you know that the beautiful artwork presented to Guest-of-Honour Minister Desmond Lee at our Mission I’mPossible race was painted by our talented volunteer and beneficiary Mdm Yang?

It all started when her grandchildren grew up and she shifted her commitment from caregiving to volunteering. Despite multiple health issues, she does her best to stay positive, coming to our Kaki Kampong Seniors Wellness programmes regularly and enjoying the company of friends. As a dedicated volunteer, she facilitates group discussions for a programme called ‘Happy Hour’, where seniors can learn from one another and acknowledge their personal strengths and values.

Immensely gifted in art and craft, Mdm Yang has produced many exquisite pieces of art over the years. The painting created for the Minister is a scenic view of Jurong Lake Gardens that fills her with thanksgiving and gratitude, representing the outlook she has on life. Mdm Yang says volunteering has made her life more meaningful and she is blessed by the experiences and people she has met thus far.

Our mission is to care for the community by providing quality services, focused on the needs of individuals and families. We empower seniors like 74-year-old Mdm Yang to participate and contribute to their community so they can lead active and fulfilling lives in their golden years. You can support Kaki Kampong and other worthwhile causes at Lakeside by fundraising with us or donating any amount:

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