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Stories of Mission30

Li Peng's

Li Peng

“One thing I have come to realise about serving – It is not so much about my capability or capacity. It is simply to do what I can and trust God for the rest. When my story with Lakeside began in 1999, I didn’t know much about them, but I joined their Management Committee (MC) as it was a good way to contribute to the Jurong community where I lived. Interestingly, my first task as a MC member was to propose Long Service Awards. It is heartening to see so many staff receiving this award for their dedicated service!”


“While I may not work directly with our beneficiaries, I believe my role in the MC and Human Resource committee is to empower staff to grow and work effectively to achieve the good of those who need our services. Oftentimes, I am amazed and deeply moved by the encouraging stories of our beneficiaries and the loving efforts of our staff to go extra mile for them. Now, our team has grown to 140 staff with diverse talents and one missional heart.

As we celebrate 30 years of service, I trust we will continue to be a beacon of light, offering help and hope to all who walk through our doors. May every staff and volunteer find the space to flourish personally and professionally while fulfilling their calling at Lakeside!”

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