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“My journey with Lakeside began with their Charity Golf in 2018. At this event, their Chairman and Executive Director personally thanked me for my support, and I gained a deeper understanding of Lakeside and found their work very comprehensive, meaningful, and worth supporting.”  


That is how I went from being a donor to a volunteer chairing Lakeside’s Volunteer Management committee. I believe in playing to each volunteer’s strengths to bring out the best in them. Volunteers must really enjoy what they do to create an impact. And when we team up with volunteers, we achieve so much more!  

I serve because we are blessed to be a blessing. This is a calling, lifestyle and principle that I deeply value. I can’t just sit here and be content with my own happiness. It’s important to ask ourselves what we’ve done today to love others.  

I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve among so many good men and women, many of whom have dedicated nearly their entire lives to Lakeside. It always inspires and amazes me that such passion can exist and be sustained over such a long time. Ultimately, I’ve realised it is truly God’s calling that makes the difference.  

Lakeside has been here for 30 years, faithfully ploughing the land and sowing the seeds. We remained faithful in the small endeavours, and over the years, we have been blessed with greater opportunities. We never take any of these for granted and are always grateful for the support of our growing network of donors and volunteers.  

If our mission resonates with you and you believe that our work is deserving of your support, we warmly welcome your contributions through your time, talents, or treasure!”  

Fulfil your mission with us here at Lakeside. Your contributions enable us to provide quality services that meet the needs of individuals and families. Fundraise with us or make a donation of any amount:



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