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Stories of Mission30

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Farhan (not his real name), a boisterous and enthusiastic 13-year-old, does his best to take care of his siblings and help his mother at home. Due to personal, family, and financial circumstances, he had difficulty performing at school and struggled with absenteeism. The GRIT Project (TGP), our Children & Youth Centre, engaged him in meaningful activities and conversations to understand and support him. Since then, Farhan has never missed any of the sessions, and TGP has become a second home to him.  


Farhan has grown to be a lot more patient and thoughtful. He eventually returned to school and passed all his subjects. It was a watershed moment for him, for which we were so proud. In the midst of striving to pass his final exams, he shared, “I really like the staff and volunteers at TGP because not only are they fun to be around, they also care for us.”  

TGP has been a pillar of support in the community for children and youths from less privileged backgrounds. Contributions to our Mission30 campaign enables TGP to run programmes such as mentoring, sports, weekly drop-in so young people can build a sense of community, play and learn together in a safe space. Make a donation to change a young life today @  

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