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Stories of Mission30

Effy 1


“I am Effy, a Family Life Educator with Parenting Support Services at Lakeside. Previously, I was a social worker for 10 years and handled parenting, child abuse, and family violence cases. Before returning to the social service sector, I spent two years as a homemaker raising my children.”

“Like many parents, I used to have unreasonable expectations of myself and my children, which led to resentment and burnout. I was struggling as a mom of two, until I learned about positive parenting. It was a complete game-changer as it focuses on the positive aspects of the child, the parent, and their relationship. It encourages the parent to be calm, kind, and firm to help the child become independent and get along well with others.  

This resonated with me so much that I wanted to pick it up and share it with others out there! I received training to be a Family Life Educator to help parents understand and apply positive parenting strategies. I am thankful whenever I hear how parents have learned to parent more competently and confidently, and how their family relationships have improved. Using my experience, I can help one family at a time in small ways but hopefully with great impact!”  

Effy is one of many at Lakeside Family Services on a mission to strengthen families by addressing practical issues like parenting. You can fulfil this mission with us by starting your own sporting challenge and fundraising for our Mission30 campaign. Find out how:



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