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Stories of Mission30

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“I joined The GRIT Project (TGP)’s mentoring programme The GRIT Academy in April 2022. Over the past year, I’ve formed a meaningful relationship with my mentor. He gives me emotional support. I can share my problems with him as he’s a very good listener and shares his advice. We also keep in touch regularly in the group chat we have with another youth. What I like most is the bonding!”


The group activities are also very fun. My favourite one so far was the night cycling because we got to travel out. Everyone helped one another by making sure no one was lost. During the cycling, my bicycle tyre deflated. My mentor waited with me to try to fix the problem. Eventually he swapped bicycles with me and we managed to catch up with the group. I felt very cared for during that incident.

I’ve also started attending The GRIT Hub, which is TGP’s drop-in programme for youths. I’m usually among the first to arrive and the last to leave, and I’ve been helping out with logistics! I’m glad I can get along well and be friendly and welcoming to everyone. I’ve also helped to organise TGP’s Christmas party. In 2023, I started serving as a youth leader and I’ve taken on a bigger role in planning activities. The TGP staff recognise my interest in contributing more and I hope to be just like them in the future!”

TGP has been a pillar of support in the community for children and youths from all backgrounds. Contributions to our Mission30 campaign keep TGP running so young people can build a sense of community, play and learn together in a safe space. Many of them, like Arryan, are also inspired by the role models they meet. Donate to change a young life today @  

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