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Stories of Mission30


Anna & Nabisah

At the lowest point in her life, Nabisah, separated from her husband, found herself and her four sons grappling with abuse, extreme financial difficulties, and even without a roof over their heads.


Faced with what felt like insurmountable odds, she approached Lakeside for help, and that’s where she met her Social Worker Anna, who gave her the empathy, strength, and courage she needed.

Anna not only connected them to various organisations for assistance and resources to help the family through school and work, she also provided Nabisah with the counselling she needed to heal, grow, and persevere throughout it all.

Through their sessions with Anna, the family redirected their life goals and dreams. Nabisah credits Anna for playing a vital role in the healing process, enabling them to move forward and make the most of their abilities.

Today, Nabisah’s sons have grown in maturity, responsibility, resilience, and confidence. As for Nabisah herself, she graduated with a Double Diploma in Service Leadership, plus Leadership and People Management as well as Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance (ACLP). She works as a Trainer now. To pay it forward, she volunteered with Muis to mentor families with challenges and worked with diverse and naturalised citizens as a facilitator.

Even though she is thriving today, she will never forget the words of encouragement that changed her life. “Press on, Nabisah,” Anna once told her, and she did exactly that!

Nabisah’s story is one of many that we at Lakeside Family Services hope to bring to fruition every year. You can be a part of many more amazing stories such as hers. 

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