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Ah What

“I’m currently 69 years old. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Kaki Kampong Seniors Wellness (KKSW) for providing me with the opportunity to volunteer with them and giving me the platform to share my thoughts on volunteering. 


A few years back, my dear wife was an active volunteer until she sadly passed away due to illness. She had dedicated many years of enthusiastic service at KKSW helping numerous seniors. In honour of her final wish, I decided to step forward and volunteer at the centre after it reopened following the COVID-19 closure. Moreover, I find volunteering to be a way for me to contribute to society and aid those in need using my time and abilities.  

KKSW entrusted me with two volunteering projects. Firstly, I assist in transporting seniors with limited mobility using my own car so they can take part in their activities. Secondly, I do home cleaning work, helping vulnerable seniors maintain clean and hygienic living spaces. In addition, I’ve been regularly participating in their weekly activities, and I’ve formed some wonderful friendships along the way.  

Since I joined them as a volunteer, my perspective on life has undergone a significant transformation. I find life to be more meaningful and fascinating. I genuinely hope that everyone will consider dedicating some of their time to volunteer work as it is a profoundly valuable and meaningful service. Let’s unite our efforts and work diligently together. Thank you all for your support.”  

Kaki Kampong Seniors Wellness is where seniors can lean on the strength of community, especially with active seniors like Uncle Ah What reaching out to seniors who are isolated or have mobility issues. You can support our work for the seniors by donating or starting your own Mission30 fundraiser:  


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