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Luisa & Trixie

“When my daughter Trixie was in kindergarten, I was told she was unable to read and speak clearly. Despite my best efforts teaching her at home, she could not keep up with her peers. Her teacher recommended Lakeside Family Services (Lakeside)’s We Can Read programme, which her own child attended with great success. At We Can Read, Trixie enjoys one-on-one lessons and storytelling with Teacher Mindy and often talks about how funny, kind, and patient she is.”

Trixie can recognise so many words now. Instead of relying on me to read to her, she gains confidence trying to read on her own. Math problems used to be a challenge when she could not read, let alone understand the questions, but not anymore! On daily commutes, she points out words she recognises. It’s wonderful to see her excited to read signs and posters, enjoy books by herself, and understand what she is reading! She is willing to work hard and keep trying, so I’m thankful Lakeside has been here nurturing her. I hope she will continue growing her love for reading… and not be afraid of big words!”

This is a sharing from Luisa, parent of our young beneficiary Trixie. We Can Read starts with interesting stories, followed by teaching letter sounds and blending. Once they recognise word families, they learn to read simple sentences, then entire passages and stories. It is important that children acquire a good grasp of reading and comprehension early on. Otherwise, their inability to follow the pace of learning will only snowball as they grow older. Being able to read and write at an age-appropriate level also increases self-esteem and confidence and is consistently linked to positive life outcomes.

Our fundraiser #TheNextGeneration raises funds for programmes like We Can Read, which provide quality learning opportunities for children and youths, even if they come from families facing financial challenges. Let’s care for our youngest together. Make a donation or raise funds with us:

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