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“I was 14 when I first joined @thegritproject.lakeside (TGP) Now I’m 20 years old and volunteering with them because their staff and volunteers helped me get to where I am now. I’m totally different from my younger self – More responsible, with better time management and communication skills!”


As a volunteer, I make an impact by communicating well with children and youths. For example, if they have questions about which school or course to go to, I can give helpful suggestions. Another thing I do is listen to their problems and struggles, most of which I can relate to and give advice. If I can’t help them, I just refer them to the staff at TGP.

I’ve seen a lot of children and youths benefit from TGP’s programmes and activities, which help them step out of their comfort zone and try new things. In fact, their mentoring programme is part of the reason why I’m closer to my dreams of becoming an engineer like my dad. My mentor helped me to plan my way and what I needed to do to reach my goals. After my ‘N’Levels, I scored well for mechatronics and robotics at ITE and I’m now studying at Singapore Polytechnic.

Having spent a few years at TGP, I believe adults can support the younger generation by sharing their life stories with them. Experience is what children and youths lack. I hear some of the struggles they have, concerning their studies, bullying, and family issues. Many of them are scared of the future. If they could hear how people have made it through studying, working, having kids, perhaps they would not be so scared.

As a young adult and TGP alumni, I would like to share these words of encouragement: We all go through ups and downs in life, so help one another in the hard times and celebrate together in the good times!”

We are immensely proud of Henry, who has been with TGP since day one! He has grown in character and strength, warmly giving back to the community. Help us nurture more outstanding young leaders like Henry by supporting our work with children and youths. Donate or raise funds for our campaign #TheNextGeneration @

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